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Kevin Chow

PhD Candidate in Computer Science

University of British Columbia

About Me

I am a 5th year PhD Candidate in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia (UBC), co-supervised by Dr. Joanna McGrenere and Dr. Thomas Fritz (University of Zürich). I work at the eDAPT Lab and collaborate with the HASEL Lab at the University of Zürich. I completed my BSc in Computer Science from UBC. My previous undergraduate research involved characterizing asynchronous collaboration in VR.

My PhD research focuses on designing digital tools and interventions to holistically support knowledge workers, jointly considering both their productivity and well-being. I draw inspiration from concepts and skills from empirically-validated psychotherapies, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy. I believe that taking a human-centric, holistic perspective to work is critical for a more inclusive, healthier, and happier future of work.

I just recently completed an internship as a Future of Work Research Intern at Slack for the summer of 2023, under the supervision of Mike Massimi and Lucas Puente.



Feeling Stressed and Unproductive? A Field Evaluation of a Therapy-Inspired Digital Intervention for Knowledge Workers

Kevin Chow, Thomas Fritz, Liisa Holsti, Skye Barbic, Joanna McGrenere

To be presented at CHI '24.



Is Your Time Well Spent? Reflecting on Knowledge Work More Holistically

Hayley Guillou, Kevin Chow, Thomas Fritz, Joanna McGrenere

Presented as a video at CHI '20.



Challenges and Design Considerations for Multimodal Asynchronous Collaboration in VR

Kevin Chow, Caitlin Coyiuto, Cuong Nguyen, Dongwook Yoon

Presented at CSCW '19.



A Multimodal Illusion of Force Improves Control Perception in Above-Surface Gesture: Elastic Zed-Zoom

Dilan Ustek, Kevin Chow, Haihua Zhang, Karon MacLean